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1) How do I end acne today?

It is important for every individual to know what exactly is triggering their acne and decide on how aggressive a treatment course they are willing to under take to deal with their acne. Acne can either be managed with the occasional flare here and there or it can be eliminated till there are no more out breaks. Here at End Acne we work on getting our patients the later effect.


2) How do you manage acne (that is control flares and only get occasional break outs here and there?

Depending on the source of an individual acne. It may respond to a combo of oral antibiotics plus topical antibiotics and a topical retinoids. This regimen requires strict compliance and continuous use to get lasting effects. Any break in the regimen will most like cause a flare and return of acne.


3) How do I eliminate my acne completely?

Isotretinoin (Accutane) is a systemic retinoid. Given at a dose of 40-80mgs (1-2 tablets a day) for a course of 6-8 months that causes complete resolution of acne. 90% of the individuals who under go a course of Isotretinoin will not have to deal with acne again. 10% will never have acne as bad as before the course and will have acne easier to control with topical regimen.


4) What are the side effects of Isotretinoin?

There are common side effects and rare side effects: 

  • A) You should not get pregnant while on Isotretinoin cause it is harmful to baby development. An individual can get pregnant after at least 2 months off the medication and not have adverse effects.

  • B) Dryness is the number one effect experienced by everyone on this medication. Lips, skin and nostrils. There are several remedies to making this bearable during the 6-8month acne elimination process.

  • C) Unusual Cholesterol and/or Triglyceride increases. This is an occurrence that is monitored by monthly lab draws. If this occurs the current dose of the medication is lowered till the abnormal lab resets.

  • D) While taking Isotretinoin or soon after stopping Isotretinoin some patients have become depressed or developed other serious mental problems. Symptoms of depression include sad, “anxious” or empty mood, irritability, acting on dangerous impulses, anger, loss of pleasure or interest in social or sport activities, sleeping too much or too little, changes in weight or appetite, school or work performance going down or trouble concentrating. Some patients taking Isotretinoin have had thoughts about hurting themselves or putting an end to their own lives (suicidal thoughts). Some people tried to end their own lives. There are reports that some of these people did not appear depressed. There have been reports of patients on Isotretinoin becoming aggressive or violent. No one knows if Isotretinoin caused these behaviors or if they would have happened even if the person did not take Isotretinoin.

  • E) Isotretinoin and Birth Defects: Today, women and men must agree to follow guidelines in iPLEDGE program before taking Isotretinoin. iPLEDGE requires that you and your doctor and pharmacist follow certain detailed steps to ensure your safety and prevent pregnancy while you are being treated with the drug. Although requirements vary according to your gender and stage of life, iPLEDGE requires that people who are able to reproduce use two forms of birth control while taking Isotretinoin. Your doctor will enroll you in the iPLEDGE program. Then, before filling your prescription, your pharmacist will verify your enrollment and make sure you meet the program's requirements.

  • F) Isotretinoin and Hair Loss: One major side effect of Isotretinoin is that it dries tissues, causing dry skin, cracked lips, dry mucous membranes, and dry scalp. It may thin hair or cause it to become dry, brittle, and fragile.

5) What is the iPLEDGE Program?

The iPLEDGE Program is a computer-based risk management program designed to further the public health goal to eliminate fetal exposure to Isotretinoin through a special restricted distribution program approved by the FDA. Learn more about Isotretinoin and about the iPLEDGE Program by reading the introductory brochure here.

6) What is your refund policy?

No refunds.