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How We End Acne

A letter from Dr. Rex 

In dermatology we treat all skin, hair and nail conditions. As a skin specialist I am constantly wrestling to discover the causes and best treatments for several skin conditions. Unfortunately for a lot of conditions we are nowhere close to finding the best treatment for them. Most times we can manage them, but not completely cure them. Luckily, acne is not one of these conditions. I love acne, because it is treatable and, depending on how aggressive a patient is willing to be, curable!

I’ve cared for acne patients, and a year later, questioned whether they ever had acne in the first place.

My approach to acne:

Step 1: Find out what is causing the acne. Is it due to the hormonal shifts in puberty (ages 9-15) and adulthood (ages 21-35)? Or is it due to substances being taken by mouth (medications) or applied on the skin (pomades)? 


Step 2: Start my foundation treatment regimen, which hits the two main components that lead to acne:


  • Bacterial component – Unfortunately most people are treating just the bacterial component with over the counter products. This gives only temporary relief and less than 50 percent improvement.

  • Oil producing component – To get 70 percent and above results, you need to tackle the excess oil production. This is where your friendly neighborhood dermatologist comes into play. With a dermatologist the gold standard is adding either a topical retinoid (tretinoin, Retin A, Adapalene, etc.) or pulling out the big guns as I term it (Isotretinoin/Accutane) aiming to End Acne!

To completely cure severe-scar forming, self-esteem-killing acne and leave behind a smiling, confident individual, requires a real patient-dermatologist partnership. Most times this requires 8 months of treatment with Isotretinoin, walking through all the labs and possible side effects to get to the other side (Perfect skin). I love treating acne when my patient is willing to go all the way and do whatever is necessary, because then like the famous "Men's Warehouse" commercial, I am able to say "You are going to like the way you look, I guarantee it."